For our TY end of year trip we went to Berlin.  

 We left the new hall at 01:30 am and headed to Dublin airport, we arrived at terminal two and head walked to over to where we got checked. After a couple of hours in the airport it was time for the flight to board. We boarded the plane and took the two hour flight to Berlin. 

We arrived in Berlin at 10am in the morning, which meant we had a full day for activities. Although it was the morning everybody was really tired because we’d been up for a full 24hours with little to no sleep. 

We went back to the hostel to drop off our bags before getting a tour of Berlin by bus. We stopped at brandonberg gates to wake ourselves up a little before continuing the tour 

After the tour we went back to the hostel for dinner then back off for another tour, This time of the TV tower.

On the second day, we got a tour of checkpoint Charlie, we went to the checkpoint Charlie museum as well and then went shopping afterwards.

After checkpoint Charlie we went straight to Tropical island water park. Tropical island is the world largest indoor water park, it was built inside an old world war 2 blimp hanger. Inside there were hotair balloons along with a cinema, water slides, go karts and alot more. It was definetly one of the highlights of Berlin for me.  

On the third day we went to saxonhausnon concentration camp, it was really eery and creepy, although most of the things had been destroyed. It was a really interesting tour and I learned a lot about would war two from it.

After saxonhausnon we went on a tour of a large underground bunker built during the Cold War when Germany was in worry of being bombed by Russia. The purpose of the bunker is to protect anybody for a nuclear bomb, although it would only protect you for two weeks until all supplies run out and everybody is left with no food or anything. 
We then went to a couple of museums and left back for the airport.

We waited in the airport for a couple of hours before getting the two hour flight back to Ireland, and then the bus home to ballshannon. 
All in all Berlin was a great experience, It was the highlight of my TY year, and I had great fun throughout. 

DCIL disability talk with Richard Alcorn

On Friday the 4th and Friday the 11th of March, Richard Alcorn from Donegal Centre for Independent Living (DCIL) came to our school to give us a talk about Disabilities. He was in a car crash and it has changed his life completely. He is now in a wheelchair, his legs are paralyzed and half his arm is amputated.



He told us his story and showed us a power point so we learn more of what its like to be disabled. He also showed us videos of other peoples stories and their disability

.At the end of the talk we were all presented with a certificate to say we participated in a workshop with the Donegal Wheelchair Association. I thought this talk was beneficial and I now know what and what not to do around wheelchair users.


copper-bowl-250x250.jpgMetalwork was our first practical subject of the year. Our project was to make a copper bowl. First we has to mark a circle on a square sheet of copper, cut it out and file it down to the correct size.We then had heat it and then shape it using a hammer and a sandbag. i enjoyed doing this because metalwork is one of my favourite subjects.



Window painting

carnival-1.pngOn the same week as the carnival workshop a group of us painted windows for the carnival. The theme this year for the carnival was irish dancing so all the paintings were very bright colours. Most of the designs were celtic designs so they were very detailed and made it a little bit harder to paint.


We were split into different groups the paint the different shop windows around the town. I spent three days painting and I enjoyed it very much.

I painted the windows of the Saimer Court down town!


Car safety talk

26.jpgOn Thursday the 14th of January we had a car safety talk after our break. We learned about the different important parts of the car such as the seat belt and the engine. We learned the basic safety rules about driving and to be safe behind the wheel. I found this very interesting because I learned a lot. He talked to us about how its very important to not distract the driver of a ca while driving as it could be very dangerous. He also told different stories of road accidents in his past experiences.

Ice Skating

ice skatingOn Monday the 14th of December the whole year group went ice skating in Galway. The bus left really early from the new hall so we were all very tiered. We arrived a bit early so we had to wait about 20 minutes before we could get our skates and everything. Once everyone got their skates sorted we went on the ice. I kept falling over but eventually got the hang of it, I enjoyed it alot and was one of the highlights of TY

After ice skating we went to the shopping centre in galway city to get lunch and to do some shopping if we wanted


Science experiments

On the 18th of January we went to one of the local primary schools to do science experiments. We had been split up into groups of about three a few weeks before hand. We were given instructions to come up with one or two science experiments to present to the younger pupils of the primary school we were going to. My group did two experiments.

Our first experiment we had a saucer of milk with drops of different food colouring not mixed. then we carefully dropped some fairy up liquid into the saucer and it mixed with the food colouring making it look cool.

The next experiment we done was placing a balloon on a sheet of thumb tacks and showing that it does not burst because the pressure distributed evenly.